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  1. Over 10 Years in the Trucking Industry

  1. All Drivers Carry Cellular Telephones.

  1. All Equipment Well Maintained

  1. On Time Service With Competitive Rates

  1. Volume and Pay Period Discounts

  1. Courteous Drivers and Dispatch

  1. Statewide Service on Truckloads

  1. Sameday Delivery Service Available *

  1. Weekend Service Available *

  1. Routing Service

  1. Pick-up and Delivery Within 4 Hours on Direct Destination Truckloads *

  1. P.O.D. on Request

    Denotes Certain Provisions *
California Freight Services will supply your company equipment and drivers that meet the requirement of all state and local regulations, and the standards of your company and staff, governing the services purchased.

California Freight Services